Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tonight, the role of Tyrone will be played by...

Ben is now in the habit of recasting the stories he recites and/or acts out with completely different characters. He substitutes the new character's name for every instance of the original, and changes the pronouns - correctly and consistently - throughout.

A few examples:

The Backyardigans story, The Secret of Snow, is inhabited by the cast of Caillou.

  • The Ice Lady: Calliou (becomes The Ice Boy)
  • The Ice Lady's assistant: Rosie
  • Uniqua: Sarah

The Cars Read-a-long Book, specifically in the scene where Lightning goes on a drive with Sally, becomes a family drama.
  • Lightning McQueen: Ben
  • Sally: Mommy

The Thomas the Tank Engine story, Cranky Bugs, specifically the scene of the ship crashing into the sheds, is retold featuring classmates from preschool.

  • Cranky: Saki
  • Duck: Gabi
  • Gordon: Wesley
  • Sir Topham Hat: Lourdes
  • References to "the engines": "the children"
  • References to "the shed": "the playground"

The Backyardigans story, Secret Agents, is played with a cast of stuffed animals.

  • Agent Pablo: Wedgehead (the Ugly Doll)
  • Agent Uniqua: Monkey
  • Agent Tyrone: Corduroy (the Bear)

The book, The Napping House, again, the ensemble of stuffed animals.

  • The granny: Ben
  • The child: Corduroy
  • The dog: Monkey
  • The cat: Pooh
  • The mouse: Doggie
  • The flea: Max (plush version of Where the Wild Things Are character)


Rolfe said...

This sounds so much like something my boy Soren would do. He has come up with about twenty different naming schemes for our family.

We're each named after a planet. We're each named after a backyardigan. We're each named after a letter (of course). We each have a few different numbers. And so on.

He'll pick a naming convention and stick with it, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for days. It's cute, but we have a hard time keeping track of who we are!

Christa said...

Yes - it keeps us on our toes. We may be endowed at any moment as another character. Ben will simply come up to us and say, "Hi Dora!" and then I know I have to say "Hi, Boots!"