Saturday, January 19, 2008

Short Hair

I don't want this blog to become just another "Kids Say the Darndest Things" compendium, but I have to share this conversation from yesterday if only because it's seemed like such a typical toddler-parent exchange.

I was just coming home in the late afternoon from getting my haircut. I've been wearing my hair short ever since Ben was born, and this latest cut was a particularly short, cropped style. Think Mia Farrow in her Frank Sinatra days.
Ben greets me at the door.

Ben: Where were you are?

Me: I was getting a haircut. Do you like it?

Ben: I want your hair to be fat.

Me: Well, it's short now, but it will grow again.

He comes over and tugs at my hair, runs his fingers through it, then walks away.

Ben: But now you're a boy!

Come to think of it, I read somewhere that the rest of the Rat Pack said that about Mia Farrow, too.


jaki said...

love the conversation...and Ben's insight into it! THey really do say the darnest things!

Susan said...

Chic haircut: $65. Shampoo that you hope will keep your hair looking young and shiny, without depleting the ozone layer: $18. "I want your hair to be fat!"


Anonymous said...

LOL I love that conversation. Thanks for sharing!