Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ben still sticks pretty close to scripts that he's memorized when he's playing, but one night recently, he had a burst of creativity. I ran to the keyboard to type up what I could remember as soon as he finished his story but I'm not sure I'm doing it justice:

Murdoch was puffing along his branch line. He was headed straight for a tree.

"Oh no, look out!" Crash!

He was covered with leaves and water. He felt very...comfortable. He needed to find a water tower. He found a water tower and some water poured down on him.

The workmen were so embarrassed. They needed to clean him. They gave him something very fluffy. He got all fluffy until he looked like a big... fluffy...pig!


Anonymous said...

I think we've found the name for the boy cousin's future garage band: Big Fluffy Pig.

jaki said...

very sweet and cute

Drama Mama said...

You ARE keeping these on file, right?

Too adorable.

Casdok said...

Lol!! :)