Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celebrity Endorsement

Ben decided to wear his new propeller hat this morning during a stop at Whole Foods Market in Oakland.


The hat elicited a smile of approval from author Michael Chabon whom we passed in the bakery section.

I'm sure the mere fact that I recognized him lands me squarely in the progressive-bookish-geek-latte-Obama demographic. I have to confess I felt positively GIDDY.

I have to remember this anecdote for when Ben is eleven and reading Summerland.


Anonymous said...

An encounter that would be appreciated by you. Fun! For me, I enjoyed the picture of Ben and now have another book that I can buy for my granddaughter, Rebecca. Summerland looked like a read for her. Thanks for sharing.

Jordan said...

I'd have been giddy, too! How did you ever keep your cool??

Drama Mama said...

OOOOOooh. He's dreaaaaamy. I'd have recongnized, too. And he's all Ayelet's.