Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flowers at the Swing

Today, Jennifer Graf Groneberg of Pinwheels wrote:

If you’d like to honor Evan Kamida’s life, but can’t be at the memorial in person, you can do what I’m doing: I’m going to put flowers near a swingset here in Montana, take a picture, and post it with links, so Vicki will know I’ve been thinking of them.

Can you imagine it? Flowers at swingsets and playgrounds all across the country–flowers for a little boy who loved to swing, and for the mama standing behind him. I hope you’ll join me, and help spread the word.

The inspiration for this gesture comes from a piece that Evan's mother, Vicki Foreman, wrote called Mother at the Swings which was published in the on-line literary magazine, Literary Mama. Susan Etlinger read the piece to introduce the panel at BlogHer last weekend. I encourage you to read it.

I took this photo today of some flowers at a swing; for Evan, and for Vicki.

Flowers at the Swing 1.JPG


jennifergg said...

I love this, Christa. Thank you.

Maddy said...

It is a great idea, my trouble is that it seems to be a private group on Flickr.
Best wishes

TLC said...

It's a public group, you just have to join.

My photo is posted, and here is my post to get the word out:

Kari said...

What a fabulous idea.

I had just met Vicki last weekend, so Evan's passing came as quite a shock. She had given me so much inspiration and things to think about, and it just punches me in the gut to think of what she is going through right now.


Tara Marie said...

A perfect tribute....we did the same at our house.

Peace and love,