Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ben's brain sucks up language effortlessly.

But how he processes that language and how it comes back out is a curious thing.

As you know if you're a frequent reader, Ben can memorize and recite a story he hears just a few times. But he hears in ways that are more musical than verbal.

And sometimes, when he recites it back, it sounds a bit like a bebop jazz improvisation on the English language.

Today's examples:

"The door volk-cument came slithering down the company."

"[Something was] smiggling down the spackle of dust."

Neurons fire in random ways. Language comes back out as music.

This is actually happening a lot more than it used to when absolute fidelity was so important to Ben.

So does this represent creativity and a loosening of rigidity? Or a memory bank reaching capacity and misfiring?

And what's a volk-cument?


Tim said...

Volk-cument? He's been reading some H.P. Lovecraft on the sly.

Anonymous said...

Ben reads very different books than Chee methinks.

Susan said...

I am not entirely sure, but we are in a similar phase: to wit:

"bessbeemun," as im

Fa: a long long way to run
So: a needle pulling bessbeemun

And, of course, the mysterious word, "mainten."

Tim's right though. Volk-current does sound very Lovecraft.

Brilliant boy, whatever it means.

Roger Travis (TinPeregrinus) said...

Oh my goodness! Peter does exactly the same thing!

Our favorites:

(Expression of frustration) "Sohfretstickies!"

(Adjective denoting coolness) "It's Fantacular!"

Thanks, Christa!