Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes we did.

So much has been written. There's not much more to say about this week's historic events, but I will tell you our story all the same.

This past Tuesday night, I hugged Ben as he sat on my lap and we both watched as the news networks broadcast that Barack Obama would be our next president.

We had been briefing him on what an election was. "All the grownups get to say who they want to be president. That's the person who is in charge of the whole United States of America," we explained. "And Mommy and Daddy want Barack Obama to be president."

Several weeks ago, Chris had showed me this video on his iPhone by hip hop artist MC Yogi. It's catchy and stylish and makes use of a final line in one of Obama's speeches - a brighter day will come - to great effect.

Ben wanted to watch it, too. He watched it many times in a row that night with his usual fascination for anything that combines on-screen text and rhythm.

So back to Tuesday night. I held him on my lap and pointed to the text on the TV screen. "Barack Obama is going to be the president." He looked at my face and studied my tears and smile, somewhat puzzled at the two appearing simultaneously.

"Barack Obama is going to be president!" he echoed excitedly. Then, quietly and unprompted, perhaps remembering the video or perhaps just wise beyond years said, "A brighter day will come."

Yes, it will. Yes, it has.


jaki said...

out of the mouths of babes...such truth!!! Beautiful!!!

Roger Travis (TinPeregrinus) said...

We had the returns on as Peter was going to bed (he'd been talking about Barack Obama for a few days, but I didn't think he understood what was going on). In the morning, he came into our room and the first thing he said was "Is. . . did . . . what the vote. . ." and I helped him out, "Who won the vote?" and he said, "Yeah, who won the vote?" and I replied "Barack Obama won" and he let out a yell "YEAH! Barack Obama won!"