Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Myths

At the dinner table tonight, Ben and I made up a social story about Ben and "N," an older boy at school. We made our fingers into little people that acted out a scene on the placemat.

In our story, "N" was playing too aggressively with Ben and Ben was saying, "I don't like that. That's not nice. I'm not going to play with you right now." Then the Ben fingers walked away.

Small steps on the journey of self-advocacy.

The Dan Marino Foundation, Kent Creative, and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network have created a series of powerful public service announcements called "No Myths."

I have many hopes and dreams for Ben, but by far, the greatest one is that someday, he will stand up and advocate for himself with the pride and strength of the individuals in this video.


1stdaughter said...

What an awesome video, it had me in tears by the end. Our son was just diagnosed with hyperlexia and it's been a pleasure to read your blog and find hope. He's only two and just like you I have so much hope for his future.

Deirdre said...

Wow. I wish they could make a new one of those every week. I bet they could, actually.

Crystal said...

That's awesome!