Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Wooden Trains

Unless you have a child who is both 1) an avid collector of Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise and 2) an avid YouTube watcher, you probably are not aware that there is an entire genre of videos that we call the "train collection" video.

In the "train collection" video, young train collectors display and enumerate their collections using pretty much the same introduction, camera angles and vocal cadence.

This genre - or is it a meme? - was started (we think) with a video by a kid whose YouTube persona is Waylon8tor. Countless kids copied it, including Ben.

For a long time, Ben would just line his trains up in his room and narrate his collection in the style of the videos, without actually wanting to capture a video.

But yesterday, he allowed me to turn on the camera. Chris made some minimal edits to cut out a spot where Ben needed to re-arrange the trains and get them in the right order.

So here is Ben's first official entry in the "train collection" genre under his YouTube persona, "accidentshappen99."



jaki said...

Great debut!! Bravo Ben!

Nana said...

I LOVE IT !!!!
Thank you ben for treating me to your video.