Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walking and reading

This might be my favorite picture of Ben ever. If you want to know who he is, this picture pretty much says it all.


Taken by Chris, via Instagram

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3-2-1 LAUNCH!

I meant to write this earlier, but I've been too busy refreshing my screen every few minutes.

Last night, we finally launched the Kickstarter campaign for Flummox and Friends and I've been giddy and transfixed watching the "Likes," the "Shares," the comments and, most of all, the donations come in.

We've raised 25% of our $30,000 goal in fewer than 24 hours.

I was thinking I'd write something profound about the power of social networks and community and putting your work out there without asking permission from the usual institutional gatekeepers...

And I was thinking I'd write something profound about why we need a show like this: a show that knows our kids are funny and smart and won't talk down to them and why that's a bigger deal than most people understand...

But to be honest, I'm just so freaking happy that so many people are saying nice things in public about this project and I'm not going to be able say anything profound.

But I can say this:

You think you have a good idea, but it sounds kind of crazy to actually try to do it.

But you do it anyway, because you can't not do it.

And you try not to think about the whole thing and how crazy it is and how hard it's going to be and how you're probably going to fail, you just finish each tiny step - whatever is - that's directly in front of you.

Send an email. Make a call. Write something. Get help from someone who knows how.

Pretty soon, you're doing it. All those steps add up to the thing.

Then when other people see it and tell you that it really is a good idea...well it's kind of unbelievable. And then, when they pitch in to help:

Also. Unbelievable.

I hope you'll help me make a smart, funny show for our smart, funny kids.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to refreshing my Facebook feed.